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About us

Transmotec: A modern, customer focused technology company specifically targeting the design, manufacture and supply of high quality DC-motors to our worldwide customers.

Our products

We supply an extensive range of standard DC-motors available with various gears and encoders. We also supply high quality DC actuators with Acme or Ball screws and feedback options. Our advantage over other suppliers is our “In house” expertise dedicated to providing products specifically tailored to our customers’ requirements.

How we supply

We deliver to customers all around the world. For stock items we usually ship within 24 hours after the order has been placed.

Our staff

The survival of any Company is totally dependent on the expertise and motivation of its Staff. The personnel at Transmotec work together as a close knit team resulting in the best internal working environment and the highest quality customer satisfaction.

Our customers

Transmotec supply products to a wide range of manufacturing companies, including: healthcare, scientific research, banking and cash management, agriculture, renewable energy and many more. We also support new embryonic companies by providing small quantities of all our products along with technical assistance during their R&D cycle. Our ability to deliver products on time, and with guaranteed performance is one of the main reasons for our companies success.

How we manufacture

Our products are manufactured by selected suppliers who have been personally approved and meet our demands for the highest quality control, performance and flexibility. All our products meet worldwide environmental and labeling requirements.

Our history

Transmotec was founded in 1995 by Lennart Christensson who is still the owner and General Manager. The original business concept was the same as today, to meet customer needs through monitored quality control, creativity and innovation. During 2005 the company commenced a planned expansion of its export markets outside of the Nordic countries. Transmotec has extensive experience in our industry, even expanding during the GFC, demonstrating a proven track record in business management.